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Love, Set, King and Queen
Looking out over a snow-capped landscape
And gazing further to a pink sky
I see a runner in shorts with no shoes
And ask myself where I am.
Streetlamps cast halos within halos
On the egg-shell drifts.
I don't know where everyone is
But I know how they got there.
It's all played out so easily before me.
I see all the players move,
Every move that everyone makes,
All at the same time,
Long after they're done moving.
And tomorrow I'll wake up and see it all again.
A ballet that never ends,
Slowly constructed, over days,
And every dancer does every dance move at every point in time.
All at the same time
And it never ends
Until the sun comes out.
:iconseany-dost:seany-dost 1 0
Violent Screaming Reflection
It happens every day
An epidemic in every sense of the word
People stopping right where they are
And screaming-
"Where has my life gone?  Yesterday I was fifteen and now I'm in college, now I'm married, now I have kids!"
Now their kids are fifteen
Now their kids are asking the same thing
Why is it the more you want life to slow down,
The more life speeds up?
We spend our youth wishing we were older,
And the rest of our lives regretting how foolish we were.
We all want to do something,
Just to say we did it.
But we can't, can we?
I mean, sure, we could, but...
We can't, can we?
No, no we can't.
Well, I will.
:iconseany-dost:seany-dost 0 1
Take a Good Hard Look at Yours
Ask yourself
Is this really the life you've wanted?
You look at yourself
And tell me with a straight face that this is the life you wanted
Twelve months ago
You were so different
What happened?  WHy did you change?
Did you change?
Your actions changed, but have you?
And twelve months before
You were an entirely different person
Picture perfect
So fall asleep and go back
And try to stay there
And try to wish you don't want this now
:iconseany-dost:seany-dost 0 2
Our Looking Glass to the World
We are the watchers,
And we are watching you.
We sit in our living rooms,
And we watch what you do.
We see your every move,
And we pass judgement from our easychair thrones.
We are the impressionable minds.
:iconseany-dost:seany-dost 0 1
Self Deceiver
"How sweet it is to sit,
Surrounded by your brothers."
How sweet it would be
If only I would allow myself
But instead I don this Nazi uniform
Off to preach agaisnt my kind
Off to persecute my kind
I am a sheep in wolf's clothing
And I'm fooling the wolves
What happens when my skin comes off?
Will I be in so deep,
That they'll destroy me before I get out?
Or will they simply reject me, throw me out,
Or will I ever do that myself?
As I should.
:iconseany-dost:seany-dost 0 1
An Entire Romantic Drama in th
Try to find the words to say this
Every day passed is a missed opportunity
So much I want to say to you
Yet I'm afraid to do what comes natural
As if what I want to say is keeping me from saying it
I would spend eternity trying to explin myself
And the weight of eternity is stopping me
I wish I could lighten up; throw caution to the wind
I wish I could see the future
I wish you could read minds
:iconseany-dost:seany-dost 0 2
You're Going to Have to Pay
Do you see what I cannot?
Is this something or not at all?
It seems the answer has become a new question
Ah, my friend, the terrain has changed
The now is slowly getting away away away
:iconseany-dost:seany-dost 0 1
You're kidding, right?
You can't be serious
You're beautiful when you're naked
So beautiful I cannot take it
This is you and you are you is who you are
So never be ashamed
You've heard this before
But not without ulterior motives
I have no ulterior motives
So why would I lie?
:iconseany-dost:seany-dost 0 1
The Great Unsolved Mystery of
I have become corrupted
I have become tainted
When did a kiss become commonplace?
When did kissing become... no big deal?
What happened to dreams of a beautiful girl?
What happened to my mystery girl?
:iconseany-dost:seany-dost 0 2
Autumn is for Lovers
It is my belief that autumn is for lovers
Fall is for romance
Some believe it is the spring
Where things begin anew and the world is fresh
Some believe it is the summer
When clothes come off and the air is hot
And some believe it is the winter
In front of a warm fire with snow flakes in their hair
But I disagree
I believe it is the fall
With leaves of different colors
And the smell of a small fire
A small fire like us
:iconseany-dost:seany-dost 0 1
It's an unhinged door
  Our feet entangled as we lay upon the grass
    As we flow into the grass
A drop falls and falls
  And falls forever, and is never found
    So we are never found
She spins at violent speeds
  She tells others the other side
    She goes down in a fiery blaze
A shattered window struggles to retain its form
  Its own behavior broke it
    Yet it attempts normalcy for fear of looking irregular
The tornado and the hurricane have passed
  And here comes the earthquake
    A disaster unlike any other, yet it's always so the same
:iconseany-dost:seany-dost 0 0
School Sketch 10 by seany-dost School Sketch 10 :iconseany-dost:seany-dost 0 2 School Sketch 06 by seany-dost School Sketch 06 :iconseany-dost:seany-dost 0 0 School Sketch 05 by seany-dost School Sketch 05 :iconseany-dost:seany-dost 0 0
Here For You
If you want me to beg, you only have to ask me to
Drop to my knees and slowly look up for you
A bullet to my pride in the way of a friend
I've done it before and I'll do it again
Reputation means nothing anyway
Friendship is golden and it's here to stay
We say 'best friends' like we always do
But I really mean it and I'm here for you
Friends to the end, through thick and thin
Friends to the end, be it loss or win
Whatever it is, I'll lend an ear
I've got your back and I know your here
Reputation means nothing anyway
Friendship is golden and it's here to stay
We say 'best friends' like we always do
But I really mean it and I'm here for you
:iconseany-dost:seany-dost 0 0
Screaming Myself Hoarse
Another sleepless night of stressful fighting
I can't seem to get this right
We're in this for all the wrong reasons
I don't see how I can go on
The moves I make are my mistakes
And you keep taking
Your contradictions are bleeding through
And I keep faking
I'm screaming myself hoarse
My voice cuts through all the noise
I don't want this anymore
I've lost my voice
Another relationship ripped to pieces
I can't seem to get this right
My track record proving tried and true
I don't see how I can go on
The moves I make are all mistakes
But I keep going
My denial is holding strong
So I keep going
I'm screaming myself hoarse
My voice cuts through all the noise
I don't want this anymore
I've lost my voice
:iconseany-dost:seany-dost 0 5


Interactive Buddy v.1.02 by shock-value Interactive Buddy v.1.02 :iconshock-value:shock-value 36,946 12,456 'In a hole in the ground...' by TheHearshotKid 'In a hole in the ground...' :iconthehearshotkid:TheHearshotKid 1 1 Johnny Depp by HeatherIhn Johnny Depp :iconheatherihn:HeatherIhn 1,841 493 Un-named by havoks Un-named :iconhavoks:havoks 1 20
The abstract Living Conditions
The Abstract Living Conditions of a Dangerous Message
Preserve my heart for rainy days manifestation…
Artless switch blades led you to believe a dream, a strider in the distance and you in my eye…
Forced against the fence,
Long time since you were focused… my hands now sliding up your legs
Red eyed amazement in a flame fine passion.
Trembled drops of a thawed heart were never to be heard but felt upon your hands...
Mystery kissed us goodbye.
It was better before I knew…You knew
The Abstract Living Conditions of a Dangerous message -Explained-
Save my love till the day you can no longer feel it
Your thoughtless, quick, decision made you think something different. (Your dream) a runner in the distance and you in my mind
Our emotions must be shared now, It's been to long
Our serious talk led to my hands running up your legs
A distorted magic moment gave us a perfect experience of love
I haven't had love like this and now I want you to see it all
The questions no longer surround us.
:iconromanspring:romanspring 1 3
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i deviated again.

can someone help me clean this up?


ah, jeez.  this doesn't look good.

hand me some windex?

and a towel.

ahh, i'm real sorry about that.


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